B.A. Dairy UKB Kiss My Grits

Sire:*B Lakeshore Underkover Boss

​      SS: +*B GCH Lakeshore Perfect Roo Dandy

      SD: SGCH Alize Kailia's Kovergirl 3*M

Dam: SG B.A. Dairy Farm Dabella 2*M

       DS: *B Woest-Hoeve Black Smoke

       DD: The Borinquen Farm Carmelita 1*M 

Our First Fresheners 

Cedar Gait Lucy in The Sky

Sire: Vedder's Cinch

      SS: Frog Flat Farm Mr. Miyagi

      SD: Vedder's Gingersnap

Dam: Keep Digging Farm Gracie

       DS: Wandering Lane Farms Charlie

​       DD: Little Willis Bea

Morgen Star JL Leria

Sire: *B Morgen Star Luther

      SS: *B CH J&M Hideway AB Jupiter

      SD: Morgen Star Time Lord 1*M

Dam: Frog Flat Raspberry Beret 1*M

       DS: CH Frog Flat Long Lanky Nathaniel

       DD: Caprine Divas Next Top Model