We are now a proud dealer of Meiss Feeds. Both our meat and Nubian herds thrive on these quality feeds. We typically order once a month and try to have a few bags of our best sellers in stock at times. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the feeds. 

Our Story

We started out with four dairy goats. Not having enough time to milk but wanting more goats we decided to add Boer. At first we added some Nubian Boer crosses. As we added pure Boer we started noticing worms were a problem. We looked for options to improve our herd. We then discovered Spanish goats. Spanish goats were the original brush goat known for their hardiness and resistant to parasites. In 2013 we purchased Smokey(smoke ridge bred) from Waverly Farms, who had used him as a breeding buck for a few years. We also keep a pure Boer buck(Gruff) to cross back to the Spanish does in order to keep muscle. In 2016 we added Yoda a half Savannah quarter Kiko quarter Boer. We also kept a pure Spanish out of Smokey and PJ(Pape,Valera, Baylis, and Smoke ridge) named Jose. In 2016 we started a pure Dairy herd by adding a doeling, doe and a buck. The milk from the dairy goes to the making of our soaps and we supplement our pigs. Our Dairy Herd has since grown to over 20 animals. We strarted showing and using ADGA performance programs to help with our breeding decisions. We strive to produce animals that conform to their breed standard that can produce high quality, great tasting, high volume milk.