Keep Digging Farm Gracie (ADGA) is a 2016 doe. Love how she has matured this year and cant wait for kids from her.

Peper is a grade Boer with maybe a touch of nubian. Hardy and produces nice kids.

  • Future Meat Makers
  • 50% Boer 50% Savanahs
  • 2 Pure Spainish (yellow)

PB Nubian 2017 Doe. Should mature out a big girl. 

Cedar Gait Bad Moon Rising (pending)

Cinich/Rosie 2017 Doe kid reg. @50%. Love her build and size 

Lucky Lovings RC Sassy(ADGA) We chose sassy for her size and temperament. 

Some of our first Commercial boer. #4 is still with us and produces good kids

Frog Flat All Blinged Out ​(pending)

  • ​Future Meat Maker
  • ​50% Nubian, 25% Savannah, 12.5% Kiko 12.5% Boer

50 % Spanish 50 % Boer

with her keeper 75% Boer doe kid

Meat Mommas

Ellie is a grade Nubian(one of our first goats).Produces great no matter what she is bred to.

The Girls

Pure Spanish

Rosie is a grade Nubian(also one of our first goats) and one my best milkers. .

#64 (up front) and Yearling (middle) both 99% Boers

Cedar Gait Tennessee Whiskey

Cinch/Sassy 2017 Doe kid reg @ 75%. Whiskey had a ruff start battling listeria so she is stunted and touch and go at times.